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I’m not a big fan of Uplifting trance – Bobina

Dmitry Almazov or as we know him as Bobina has been on the forefront of trance music scene for years. Hailing from Russia, Bobina has carved out a niche for himself in the region. He recently released his new compilation album #Uplifting, with a flying cat on the cover the album compilation has garnered quite some interest amongst trancers and  music fans alike.

You can buy #Uplifting here – iTunes

  1. Dmitry it’s superb to have you back on Trance Hub, tell us about your love for cats and the flying kitten?

Yeah its good to be back. I’m a fan of cats and kittens yes & happy to dedicate some music to these amazing animals finally :)

  1. The album cover is quite unique, what was the idea behind it?

The idea is quite simple. Trance = Flight (for me). So we came up with that flying cat & decided to make it a bit modern looking, so the cover looks like a wall where you just put different photos to make it looks like a complete picture.

  1. #Uplifting is a superb compilation, we loved every minute of it. Tell us how did you start compiling the album?

I’ve got quite a few requests from uplifting trance producers to remix Bobina tracks, so I said yes to all of them, then asked few friends myself. When the album was done & we had an idea about a kitten on the cover I was thinking that it misses something. So  last minute I decided to make a new uplifting trance track myself. Named it ‘Flying Kitten’ to make that connection between the music and the cover. It’s important to know that this album was done first of all for Uplifting trance fans all over the world, it was called ‘Uplifting’ just to make people know the content of this release as usually Bobina is quite far away from this style.

  1. They say uplifting trance doesn’t sell; do you have anything to tell them?

Its true. But comparing to 10 years ago I think the whole electronic music genre doesn’t sell. Yes they created Beatport charts, just as an area where EDM producers can have a competition to show to promoters & fans who is ‘cooler’ cause its impossible to most of them to break iTunes charts – the place where pop music have much bigger share. Of course few EDM brands sells good worldwide on iTunes too, but you know what I mean I general. As for Russia – #Uplifting album’s doing well on iTunes, but its only cause we’ve been working on Bobina as a brand for many years so now we have a loyal fanbase who supports & interested in my music doesn’t matter if its uplifting trance or deep house. I’m really thankful to them for this. Plus of course a cat on the cover makes people excited – at least on iTunes this cover looks completely different so probably people pay some attention to check the music & buy the LP if they like it.

  1. What was your criterion behind choosing these artists to remix your own tracks?

I’m not a big fan of Uplifting trance – lets be honest. So I just selected the names which I know. Sometimes I play 1-2 uplifting tracks in my radioshow, so I basically picked those names I’ve played earlier. And as I’ve said already – few producers contacted me themselves & asked if they can make a remix for Bobina. Why Not? :)

  1. We have seen some great trance producers coming out of Russia, how would you rate the scene back home?

Russia has a lot of talented producers in many EDM genres. I hear great big room tracks & good uplifting trance tracks from Russia every week in fact. Of course I’m proud it comes from the place where I was born. The main problem is russian producers usually stay too far away from each other, they don’t really communicate & just few of them do something together. I’m always amazed when I see how dutch guys or swedish guys do this. They all try to stay together, while russians – separate. In the end we have quite a few names yes but unfortunately we do not have that united russian scene.

  1. Russia goes clubbing has become a house hold brand around the world, do you have anything in mind to grow it?

At the moment I’m very concentrated on new music by Bobina first of all. The radioshow is doing not bad too which is good. For me it’s just a place where you can really mix different genres & to play something which you’ll never play in the club. Right now I feel I need to keep RGC brand as just a radioshow – maybe in future I’ll have more ideas to grow it into something different.

  1. Share us tips on how to survive winter in Russia, if we decide to come there for a holiday?

Stay positive J And bring some truly warm clothes. I’m not staying in Russia too much anymore but actually as my mom says – last 2 years winters in Moscow were not really cold.

  1. Tell us what Bobina does in his leisure time? Do you watch any TV shows, which your favourite?

I prefer to stay home with my family either in Moscow or in LA. Big fan of come russian comedy shows & love to watch sports, like football, ice hockey & sometimes tennis J

Message for your fans

Be yourself & wish you to enjoy your favorite music in all your favorite places J

Connect with Bobina – Facebook |  Soundcloud | Twitter


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