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Hendrik Joerges

How did you get started?

I began making music on FL Studio 5 when I was 11 years old. From an early age I found love in music, and when I hit my pre-teen years I felt I wanted to express myself through music.

Who are you inspired by?

At present, I’m very much inspired by Dyro, Avicii and Merk & Kremont. They always bring something different to the table, they set trends and one can easily identify them by listening to their songs. They are unique. I idolize anyone that manages to bring something unique into the music industry.

What was your best DJ experience so far?

I can confidently say that playing the sundown set at the Durban based day-rave “Party In the Park” was the most amazing experience I have had. It was absolutely incredible.

You wore a dress at one gig – explain!

Oh wow… Yes. I wore a dress to the “Cream” event at Origin. It was part of a marketing tactic by the events company that did the event, and it ended up being very successful. Except of course the part where I played on the main floor at origin in a dress…

How old are you?

I am 18 years old.

Why electronic and dance music?

I believe it’s the future. You hear more and more computer based sounds in pop songs nowadays. And, believe it or not, making electronic music is a lot more musical and diverse than one may think. I also find that it is so much more diverse than other genres and I am able to fully express myself through it, whilst keeping my signature style evident.

What would you change about the music scene in SA and abroad?

I think producers are taken for granted. A lot of preparation goes into the gigs we play, and making the music we make is incredibly difficult. We deserve to be treated as any other musician or band would.

What releases do you have coming out?

My debut single “Til The Sun Comes Up” is being released on the 2nd of November through Do Work Records (which I am incredibly excited about). I’m also working on a remix for F! Records and one for a band through Universal Music. I’m also finishing off a remix for Pascal & Pearce.


Trancer by passion. Designer by profession.

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