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Giuseppe Ottaviani – Go On Air

The Italian Trance Maestro – Giuseppe Ottaviani talks to us about his new compilation ‘Go On Air ‘ released on Black Hole Recordings.

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Hello Giuseppe, glad to have you back on Trance Hub, where are you right now and what track are you listening to?

Today I’m in my studio finalizing the next show which is Transmission in Prague. Making some special edits and hope to finish a nice remix I’m working on at the moment.

 In today’s day and age with so many compilations releasing, how difficult it is to get exclusive tracks for your own compilation?

If I really have to be honest it was extremely simple for me. Since I’ve launched my GOONAIR label I’ve got a ridicoulous amount of producers sending their demos and the label’s agenda was filling in so quickly that I’ve decide to make a compilation. So out of 35 tracks I’ve signed 31 very high quality tracks exclusive to the compilation leaving just a little room the non exclusive ones. Those guys where amazing.

What’s the story behind the name of your collaboration with Sean Tyas – Plan B?

You know what? I really have no clue, Sean named it and I didn’t even ask what the title was standing for J

 With 35 tracks in Go on Air compilation, which were the first few you immediately bought in?

The very first one was ‘Ula – Road to Nowhere’ , the second one was ‘John Mash Melancholia’, the third one was ‘Narayana – Electra’, the fourth one was ‘Sunset feat Love Dimension – Dream With You’….shall I go ahead?

Tell us how your label Go On Air has been performing since its launch, with the new responsibility how do you manage your time?

Expanding your business means expanding your team, so of course I needed the help of others in order to run everything smoothly

 You moved to Black hole recordings from Vandit with your album release last year, how would you describe the change?

Changes are never easy for me but most of the times changes expand your horizons. I had the chance to release my Magenta album and a year later I’ve released the Magenta Live followup and the lunch of my own label GOONAIR so I couldn’t be more happy than this so far.

 Solarstone and you have been spending a lot of time together on stage and off stage lately, can we expect another collab track soon?

Well you’ve got more than just a new track together, you’ve got a completely new project together  called PureNRG. PureNRG is a new concept of live act, it’s the next step on the B2B thing that every DJ is doing at the moment. PureNRG is a B2B live, it’s what we like to call “M2M” which stands for “Musician 2 Musician”. But evenmore it’s not just a back to back, in fact it implys exclusive and completely new music that only the lucky ones who are attending our shows will be able to enjoy. Check out

 Very few festivals these days remain faithful to trance only theme…which are your favourite amongst these?

Sorry but I have to disagree here. A festival is not meant to be Trance only but it embraces all different kind of electronic music. Trance may not be on the mainstage these days but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It’s actually there, strong and alive with its big arena where tons of people enjoy the music that we all love.

That said one of my favourite festivals is Stereosonic in Australia.

Apart from Solarstone, any artist you would love to do B2B gigs with?

Not really, I don’t really enjoy the B2B thing as a DJ – it’s just not really my thing as I’m used to mainly playing live only.

Imagine you were creating a Pizza called ‘Trance’ which toppings would you put in it to make it as tasty as the music? ;)

Hahaha well I guess this is a very personal taste but I would remaib with the original Margherita pizza: tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil. Simple is beautiful, just like Trance.

Any Message for your fans?

Thanks everyone for reading this, I’ll see you soon on the dance floor.



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