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Frost Raven talks Pharmacy Phase 5

Pharmacy Phase 5
Pharmacy Music, one of the biggest names in the psy-tech-trance genre has a habit of bringing some of the best compilations in the business. Equally so, they always have artists who have their pulse right on the scene.

Here’s Frost Raven with the Pharmacy: Phase 5, with some great music and some great advice.

– Hi Dustin, pleasure to have you on Trance Hub. Congrats on the new Pharmacy Phase 5 compilation. What was the first thing you did after the compilation got released?

Thanks for having me! I had a celebration cupcake from this local bakery, I love sweets way too much.

– Pharmacy is a well-established label on the psy-tech-trance front, how did you start working with them?

Well I heard about the label from being a fan of Christopher Lawrence. I was always super impressed with how congruent he’s been to his underground roots when many of his contemporaries opted for a more mainstream pop appeal. And so when I had the opportunity to meet Christopher Lawrence when he came to play in my city, I met him. Turns out, he was a fan of my work, I wasn’t expected him to fanboy over me, I thought that was my job haha. Anyway I showed him a new track I was working on called “Nevermore” and he really liked it, and that was my first release, but certainly not my last.

– Tell us more about your inspiration and story behind Phase 5, how is it different to other phases?

I have to be honest, I haven’t been following the phase series is much as you may have expected, but I was absolutely aware of it and what it was. So when Pharmacy asked me to mix Phase 5 I was pretty excited and honored. At that point I was first though I should go into heavy research and make sure I do a proper phase mix, however in the end I decided to do something else. I wanted to go into this mix as organically and congruently to myself as I can, and just do what I enjoy to do, and that is tell stories through music. I wanted to show case music I think is really amazing and have them tell a story. So to me that means thinking about different keys, and different tempos, and how all these relationships flow together. I was pretty happy with the end result, and I hope others are as well.


– How did the name Psychedelic God came into existence? What is the idea behind your artist name Frost Raven?

Haha, I was ready for this question yet. The Psychedelic God was actually a nicked named coined by a really good friend of mine named Dylan, whom I also work very closely with in another projected called K Theory. But I kept it because it resonated with me. There is this feeling I get when I’m in the studio, that I’m not actually writing the music, but really just transcribing music that is being sent from a Devine lifeform. It’s really hard to explain, but that’s just how it feels sometimes. And then I feel like I’m merely just a prophet of Frost Raven and the true Frost Raven is a God of Psychedelia. Haha, weird right? And the origin of the name comes from one of my favorite movies “Aliens”. There was a character named Frost, and another one named Crowe. There was also this saying the characters said, “Stay frosty!”. So I mashed those two names together to make Frost Raven, obviously the name Crowe became Raven.

– You have extremely impressive discogs with multiple albums and singles under Frost Raven, how has the journey been as a psy trance producer in US?

I love the idea of albums because it’s like telling a story, so I’d have to say with out a doubt that is my favorite type of release. And I have many singles out because I’ve liked experimenting with new sounds. If you really dig into my discography you’ll see a wide variety of styles, from electro house, to non-beat ambient tracks. I don’t like staying locked into one genre because I like many styles, though I’d have to say Psychedelic music is my favorite.

– Your other project K Theory music is very successful, what is your role and how is the market for electronic Hip-Hop?

K Theory is a lot of fun. I’m one of three people in the group K Theory, the two others are Malcolm Anthony and Dylan Lewman. Malcolm is a song-writer and rapper and front man for the project. Dylan also is songwriters and as sings as well. Dylan and Malcolm are bother really talented song-writers. My role is the producer, I make all the music for the band K Theory. The market for electronic hip hop is really good right now. It’s funny cause sometimes I wonder if I’m one of the only producers that makes Psy Trance and Trap music at the same time. I’m sure others do. Something that really interests me right now, is mixing Psy Trance with Trap, because I think some really cool things could happen.

– They say it is very difficult for producers to get their first track signed, how should one approach labels if somebody has a good track ready?

It’s getting harder and harder as time goes on. In my opinion the best way to get your music signed is to make really good music. That is pretty much the must important step. Next would come being part of a community and trying to meet REAL people outside of the internet. I feel like sending demos to labels can work, but it’s much better to hand somebody a USB/CD of your music.

– They say Psy Trance really evolved out of India, what have you heard about the scene here?

I only know some tidbits of history, like it was so hot there that back in the day, you couldn’t DJ with vinyl cause it melt, so they’d use tapes. And back then you could adjust BPM with tapes so beat matching was not possible. That is why many early psy trance tracks where produced with ambient intros, so they can be mixed in that way, a trend that kept going much later even when CDs were used. I always thought that was an interesting story, cause I always wondered why Psy Trance usually didn’t have classic drum DJ intros.

– We hear you love movies, which films really inspire you?

This year has been great for movies, I really enjoyed Mad Max Fury Road and Ex Machina. I’d say those are some of my favorite movies. Movies that make me feel are the ones that inspire me. I’d say the Alien movies have really inspired me the most. The art and story telling of the alien mythos is beautiful to me. Giggers design of the alien creature is just stunning.

-Message for your fans.

Thank you for supporting me and listening to my music. New tracks are coming as well as some surprises. Shout out to Trance Hub!!

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