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For now the focus is on singles and Open Up

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The man on the forefront of the harder, psy influenced scene has recently released the most coveted Trance compilation – Trance Nation by Ministry of Sound. Achieving both underground kudos and mainstream acclaim, Simon Patterson is a DJ & producer who has earned his place as one of the most celebrated names on the global trance scene, with an unbroken 17-strong run of Beatport Chart #1s

You can get Trance Nation: Simon Patterson here

Hi Simon, its great to have you back on Trance Hub. How was Miami and hope you have recovered from your shoulder injury?

Yes thanks. I’m all recovered and better. Miami was good. It’s nice to be in my home town for a bit.

You’ve had a tremendous couple of years – a radio show on BBC, Open Up creating waves and now Trance Nation. What is the secret behind this mammoth achievement?

Having a great team is essential. It was good to have a run on BBC Radio 1 and obviously the Open Up 100 shows were a great milestone. But all the success is down to having a great team of people around me and making sure everything is quality.

 It is every trance artist dream to compile a Trance Nation for Ministry Of Sound. Could you tell us a little about the idea behind this one?

It’s a dream for me. I listened to this CD for over 10 years. We wanted to approach it like we do with Open Up. A wide range of cutting edge tracks with no genre constraints but stuff that obviously fits into the “trance” mold – A real journey of sound.

It is hard to define your style – mostly you go hard with proper psy breaks and then you come up with gorgeous vocal track like ‘Time Stood Still’ How did the track come about?

John Askew sourced the vocal from Matt Adey and I tried to make the track fit around my production to justify the vocals.

Which are your favourite tracks of the compilation? 

I like the Greg Downey and Bo Bruce track a lot ‘These Hands I Hold’ and of course Astrix ‘Sapana’. But all the tracks I love. It’s a wide range of everything I love right now.

You have been quite instrumental in bringing psytrance to the forefront; do you think ‘psytrance’ has finally arrived?

It never died. I always played it but maybe not so much as I do now. A lot of people have jumped on it now, which is only good if the quality is maintained. It’s good to see.

I remember once you mentioned that ‘Astrix’ is somebody you look upto, lately you have been hosting him at Open Up parties, how do you feel about that?

It’s an real honour. The guy is a genius. I love him both as an artist and a person. It was great to have him on board and it was great to get to 100 radio shows.

You have already done 3 compilations – Full on Fluoro, Who’s afraid of 138 and now Trance Nation. Can we expect an album soon?

No. I am focusing purely on singles for now.

It is a trend these days with artists starting their own label; do you fancy starting an Open Up label or you are happy with your current juggling with various labels? 

Again no. I did this before and I have no time to give it my all. For now the focus is on singles and Open Up.

We’ve all heard of great trance crowds in US, UK, Amsterdam, Argentina and Australia..any other country you think has really strong trance scene? 

Canada, Poland, Spain, India. There are lots of great countries out there with amazing support. Trance is definitely on the up which is great to see.


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