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Fight Your Fears with Dennis Sheperd

Dennis Sheperd presents ‘Fight Your Fears’ artist album. First crowdfunded trance album – out on A Tribute To Life April 17th

After an intense 3 years in the studio perfecting its sounds, German DJ and producer Dennis Sheperd proudly announces his second artist album: ‘Fight Your Fears’

– Hi Dennis, congratulations on your second artist album ‘Fight for fears’ how has been the initial reaction so far?

Answer: Hey, thank you! The reactions so far have been amazing! I get feedback every single day from people that are blown away by the album. I knew I had produced something very good, but I didn’t expect SUCH a good response. I’m very happy!

– You really created a stir with your approach to the album, What inspired you to go for the public funding route?

Answer: I wanted to offer my fans a little bit more than just being able to buy an album. I offered chances to have dinner with me (self cooked), get a Berlin inspirational tour, get a studio session and so on. I love to connect to my fans and this was one possibility to do so! Also I wanted to include my fans more into the production process and let them see that an album is a hell lot of work.

– You have a really envious list of vocalists Christina Novelli, JES, Ana Criado, Molly Bancroft and more. How did you manage to gather such a stellar list. Who was most fun to work with?

Answer: Oh well, it was fun with all of them. I had such great experiences like meeting JES for a vegan dinner or spending Thanksgiving with Sylvia Tosun in the countryside in Connecticut. And it was also definitely fun to tour with Katty Heath in Berlin & Sofia! We really connected and it was nice spending time with her.

– You have always been very vocally inclined in your production so why do you think there are very few male vocals around?

Answer: I think that female vocals in general fit better with Trance. There are a few exceptions though like Richard Bedford, Mark Frisch and also Jonathan Mendelsohn.

– If we were to come down to have dinner with you, what would you cook us?

Answer: Haha, good question. Maybe I would do 3 course dinner with Egyptian Lentil Soup, Koenigsberger Klopse  (with potatoes) and as a dessert a raw vegan blueberry cheesecake. Koenigsberger Klopse is a “German” or European dish with meatballs and a sweet and sour cream sauce with some amazing spices. It’s one of my favorite dishes.

– You mention about an album inspiration tour on the pledgemusic page, could give us a little sneak-peak at the tour?

Answer: Well, no one has bought this item but I would have shown these people a few places like Wannsee, Spree at Oberbaumbturcke and a few certain streets in the Eastern part of Berlin that inspire me very much!

– With so much of techno and minimal inspiration in Germany lately, is it difficult to be a trance producer there now?

Answer: I don’t believe the music taste of the  location you are staying in has a big effect. But I think the overall atmosphere of the location has. And that’s why I stay in Berlin! The city is very cosmopolitan and “free”. Very inspiring!

– As part of your album tour you have already toured Bulgaria, South Africa is next…Where next and anything one should keep a lot out for this time?

Answer: I am playing in Amsterdam on 8th May at Club Lite and in London on 16th May at The Egg (both album release parties). And I just confirmed a gig in Tel-Aviv on 25th May at Valium Club. Can’t wait for all these gigs!

– Apart from music, what does Dennis love to do? Any quirks you want to share with the readers?

Answer: I LOVE to cook and do all kinds of sports (gym, bicycling, running, boxing, soccer, beach volleyball etc.). Also love to go out and have dinner at restaurants and try new things in terms of food.

– Message for your fans?

Answer: If you wanna get to know more about the album and listen to it, check out Would also love to hear your thoughts on my social media! Hope you enjoyed this interview! Cheers


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