Interview with W&W

Interview with W&W

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Grandest welcome on Trance Hub Willem & Ward! Since you both belong to the well-proven Dutch bandwagon of trance music producers, what’s so special about being about Dutch?

Thank you! Of course there are a lot of Dutch DJs doing really good so it’s great to be Dutch and to be part of the Dutch EDM scene.

A rather unusual combination of remixes and productions is witnessed in the exciting track list of your brainchild, ‘Impact’. Did you see it as opportunity to not just limit the album to a production one, but a remix one too?

At the beginning we wanted to include some of our older releases on the album too. But because we had so many new material it wouldn’t fit on 1 CD. Then we figured that people might already have all the older tunes so we thought it would be a cool idea to let new talents remix them.

So as the usual question goes, what led to making of this album – the moments, decisions, inspirations or the studio sessions?

Well about 1.5 years ago we figured we were too productive to just keep releasing singles. So together with Armada we decided to start an album. We had a couple of moments where we weren’t sure of which musical direction to go with the album but Armada guided us very well through this project. In the end we’re very happy with how it sounds and that’s most important.

Every producer bets on a particular song from his album, which are your top 5 songs from a large number of 31 tracks!

Wow that’s a hard one… We like each song in a different way, it’s hard to compare them. A few of our favorites are "Nowhere To Go", "Twist", "Based On A True Story" and of course "Impact" and "AK-47".

I’ve sampled some of the tracks from your album, on one side there are dirty and grungy tunes like "AK-47" or "Arena" and on the other side subtly beautiful tunes like, "Search For Tomorrow" or "Nowhere To Go" that show a contrasting blend of music. Is this a typical W&W modus operandi for this album?

Yes definitely, we didn’t want all tracks on the album sound the same so we produced a lot of different styles of music. That way you keep it more interesting to listen to as well and less predictable.

Talking about the vocal collaborations, we see some new names like Bree and Emily with trance-perfect voices. How would you introduce them to the world?

Bree is a singer from Los Angeles, California. When we produced "Nowhere To Go", we wanted vocals on top of it from the start. She did an incredible job. Same goes for Emily, "State Of Emergency" was good, but it needed something on top. When she sent her version back to us we were hooked immediately.

And the productions with Leon Bolier and Ummet Ozcan happened out of friendship or having a plan to work with them due to similar taste?

Both actually. We already did tracks with them in the past and that worked very well, so we wanted to do a collaboration with them for the album too. Outside the music we’re also good friends with both of them.

Out of topic question: What’s that one special thing that keeps W&W going and what do you guys like about each other?

We just love the music. When we haven’t been in the studio for a while we can’t wait to be back and make music again.

Ward: What I like about Willem is that he’s really straight to the point, sometimes that can be a bit inconvenient but in the end it’s the best for everybody and you always know what’s on his mind.

Willem: What I like about Ward is that he’s a really calm and relaxed guy, which I’m not. This keeps us perfect in balance.

How are you planning to promote this album in your gigs? Moreover, what’s your global route plan to strike the dance floors for ‘Impact’?

We play quite some tunes from the album in our sets. We also just had the first Impact Album party in Poland, which was a great success! The next one is in Kuala Lumpur later in October. But till then we’re doing a lot more gigs all around the world.

To end it, if given a chance who will be the first person to receive a complimentary copy of this album for you both, individually?

We would give Willem’s parents one for always supporting us and helping us build our studio so we were able to deliver this album.

Message for fans.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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