Interview with Bobina

Interview with Bobina

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Grandest welcome on Trance Hub, Bobina! So what do we call you with this stellar album, an astronaut or a DJ/Producer?

You can do both ;-)

Where did the thought of ‘Rocket Ride’ launch off from?

It actually was born a long time ago. It’s a typical thing: when I release the album – I already know the name of the next one.

"I see Earth! It is so beautiful!" were the words of Yuri Gagarin when he went to the space, what would you do if you are sent in space?

And who told you that I didn’t? Haha. Joke. I don’t really wanna go there as I have enough flights every week.

You have a track titled "Pune" in the album. We Indians are certainly obliged on choosing the city’s name as a track’s title. Was it a dedication or a memory to do so?

I named it like that cause 70% of the tune was done in the hotel room of Pune. It was rainy and dark so I stayed almost the whole day in my hotel room and started to do the tune.

Was there any exclusive technological upgradation in your studio to conceive the sounds for this album?

Actually a lot. Comparing to the last album ‘Again’ – I think the whole studio was updated. Even a keyboard and a mouse. ;-)

We’ve gone through your gig schedules and it looks like the ‘Rocket’ is going to do some serious damage on the global dance floors. How have you prepared yourself for this?

I don’t have to do this as I’m ready to party anytime.

Special question, you created a monster mix of PPK’s "Ressurection" last year – have you ever met the duo? Tell us a bit about the evolution of the EDM scene in Russia.

I know the guys for many years actually. Last year they decided to ‘reboot’ PPK project and that’s why I did the remix. It was more for fun.

Top 5 things you love about Russia?

Girls, Drinks, Girls, Drinks, Girls.

Message for your fans.

Thanks much for reading this. Hope you liked the album and please stay tuned on :)

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Written by: Apoorv
Compiled by: Nikhil & Priyank

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