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Dennis Sheperd

We had a chat with Dennis Sheperd, a well established name in the progressive trance scene, he’s carving his niche with great vocal tracks. His new vocal is out now with Sylvia TosunWe Are”. Check it out.

Hi Dennis, Happy to have you on Trance Hub. Do you remember where were you on the fall of the Berlin wall 25 years ago?

Hi! Yes, I still remember the house we lived in 25 years ago in Essen. Three years later, when I was 7, we moved to the house where I literally grew up and spent my teenage years, etc.

How has life changed after the launch of the label A Tribute To Life?

Ohh, it became more busy, that’s for sure. I think people and also I myself underestimated the amount of work a label brings with it. But it’s good workload, so I’m very happy!

Your new single with Sylvia Tosun is really a superb vocal trance wonder. Share us the story behind the collaboration?

Thank you! The track was almost finished since over a year already but I first had to sort out everything in regards to founding my own label and had to fine-tune the track with Sylvia. The production actually was done in a few days and also Sylvia delivered the vocals quite fast but usually that’s the best thing, speaking from my experience.

Any plans on making a music video already?

Yes, the music video was shot during my NYC visit in July this year. It’s nearly finished and we cannot wait to reveal it! I am actually back in New York on November 26 to play a show with a live performance by Sylvia for “We Are”. I really can’t wait!

It’s a little worrying to see the state of progressive trance at the moment, not many young artists taking it up… do you feel the same?

Well, there are a few very promising artists doing a sound that suits me right now. Some of them are around a little bit longer though already! For example Steve Brian, Jason Ross, Ilan Bluestone really do it for me right now!

“Fallen Angel” has been perhaps the biggest record of your career, how was the experience working with Ana Criado?

It was a great experience. Ana has such an inspirational voice! Unfortunately we didn’t stand next to each other in the studio, it was all done over the internet, but still it was a great experience. And maybe in the future I hopefully can work together with her in room?

What does Dennis do when he’s not producing music?

Lots of sports (lifting, soccer, beach volleyball, bicycling, running) and healthy cooking! I also love to read about nutrition/diets. I am really into the healthy lifestyle right now! I quit smoking 2 years and then it all started! 2 years ago I was 20 kg heavier…

We always ask DJs to share names of young artists who are doing well. How about you tell us names of veterans who you think are still killing it?

If I had to choose one, I would definitely say Above & Beyond! Yes, they have changed their sound but in my opinion they still have that little extra magic in their tunes, that has always let their tracks stand out from the masses!

How is the gig diary looking like for the rest of the year for you?

I am just answering this interview right before my gig in St. Petersburg on November 14! As I said, I have another gig lined up in New York with a live performance by Sylvia Tosun on November 25 at Le Poisson Rouge! Whole December is blocked for production as I have to work on my second artist album!

Message for fans.

I hope you liked the interview and I could give you a little insight to my life! If you wanna know more about my music, just check the usual social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) or subscribe to my Email newsletter (best choice!). Cheers!


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