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Christopher Lawrence – Pharmacy 4

  • Hi Christopher, such an honour to have you back on Trance Hub, tell us what kind of reactions have you been getting about your compilation Pharmacy Phase 4?

Thanks for having back to Trance Hub. The response to Pharmacy: Phase 4 has been amazing. I was really happy with the way the mix turned out and especially the quality of the music I had to work with from the artists on Pharmacy. It is great to see the positive feedback on social media as well as the fact that the compilation reached the top 5 on Beatport’s Trance and Psy-Trance charts. That’s a huge accomplishment for our label and I am very proud.

  • Its been a great year for dark & psy trance, great releases and so many events? Do you think 2014 has been the year of this genre?

2014 has certainly been the breakout year for psy-trance and especially progressive psy. If I had to pick one genre that is producing the highest quality and forward thinking music, I would definitely say psy-progressive. You can hear psy-progressive being played in progressive house sets, trance set, and of course psy sets. The music has such incredible production and sophistication. You can hear the rolling baseline in so many trance tracks now. I am once again inspired by new music.

  • Artists like Simon Patterson, Indecent noise have been really active the scene you support, you think dark psy trance is finally getting its due?

Psy trance has been around for over twenty years. I have been playing psy in my sets going back to the early nineties. The fascinating thing is that it existed completely outside of mainstream dance music. It didn’t show up in the DJ Top 100 until around 2010. Psy Trance has been massive with parties in the tens of thousands all around the world but just existed outside of, and independent of, the rest of dance culture. The difference that is happening now is that people from the traditional underground trance scene are discovering it and realizing how absolutely amazing it is. It’s great to see so many people are embracing the awesome psy trance vibe.

  • Fourth edition of Pharmacy is out there with some awesome exclusive tracks from yourself, what is the underlying theme of this edition?

The goal of this compilation is to showcases the incredible music that has been released on Pharmacy over the past few months as well a adding in some new tracks.  But beyond that, it was my goal to create a mix in the traditional style of DJ mixes that takes the listener on a journey.  I didn’t want it to be just a collection  of great tracks thrown together in a haphazard order like so many label compilations today. I wanted to create something special for the listener, a mix that was meant to be listened to from beginning to end, with each track leading into the next. As you listen to the final track you feel a sense of wholeness or oneness with the music. Hopefully I have achieved that goal.

  • Pharmacy Label has grown a great deal since it has been set up, do you have plans of launching Pharmacy events in the future? :)

I would very much like to launch a series of events. We are in talks with a promotion team and a couple of venues here in Los Angeles. I would like to take the Pharmacy label on the road as we have so many incredible artists from around the globe. We could easily tour every continent with the DJs in the pharmacy family.

  • We’ve earlier talked about the dance music scene in America, its come a long way and has settled down..what do you think about the position of Trance in USA at the moment?

Interestingly, underground trance is having a resurgence. I think it is a backlash to all the commercialism and greed of the EDM scene in the US. Techno, house and progressive are all having a resurgence here which is fantastic. For a while all the clubs and festivals in the the US have been dominated by commercial EDM but that is starting to change. It’s a very good sign for people who appreciate quality music,

  • You have a tour coming up to Argentina; everybody loves to play there…what makes the country a preffered choice of all DJs?

Argentina is amazing. The people there are so educated musically and not just in to one style. Argentinians love everything, trance, techno, house, electro, and they come out in force to support their favorite DJs. I also think there is a level of sophistication at the events that you don’t find in many other places. It’s not just kids, it’s university students, professionals, all sorts coming together for the love of a great night. Also, the parties run later. Instead of ending at 2am or 4am like most places in the world, the events in Argentina start at midnight and go to seven or eight in the morning. That makes a huge difference to the vibe of the party. In the US when the bar closes most people start leaving. In Argentina that’s when everyone is just getting started.

  • Lets say if were to make an NBA team, who would you pick and what would you call it?

Hahaha! I don’t know anything about basketball. I am only into soccer or what the rest of the world calls football.

Message for your fans?

Thanks for all your support over the years. I can’t wait to see you on the dance floor soon.

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