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Bryan Kearney talks compilations and Ibiza

Bryan Kearney talks compilations and Ibiza

He’s easily one of the most passionate artists in the industry. One of the biggest dance music exports of Ireland – Bryan Kearney is ready with his first label compilation with Will Atkinson – ‘This Is Kearnage Volume 001’.

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Hi Bryan, welcome back to Trance Hub. You have had an incredible 12 months. There is so much momentum in your career at the moment. What would you regard as your biggest achievements in recent years?

Hello and thank you. Yeah, things have seemed to haven taken off a good bit over the last twelve months, the hard work that I’ve put in over the past few years has paid off I suppose. To be honest, I don’t really notice it as much as other people would as I am so personally involved, I think at times I need to take a step back and look at what has happened and the progress that has been made. It’s hard to pinpoint any specific achievements that I would rank above others as I don’t really work like that. My main objective is to continuously improve as a DJ and as a producer, it’s that simple really.

Your new compilation ‘This Is Kearnage Volume 001’ has released. Tell us more about the compilation and the underlying theme?

The main aim of the compilation is to showcase the sound that I love, no specific genres or labels, I simply just put it as Dancefloor Driven Music. Music that is packed with energy and that gets you moving. I was chosen to do CD2 of the ‘Pure Trance’ album last year which seemed to have gone down pretty well, so I spoke to Black Hole about doing my own one. I didn’t want it to be the same as every other compilation out there, I wanted it to be unique and that’s why there are so many exclusives on the album. There’s exclusives from myself and also from the label. The Kearnage label started off as a means for me to release my music but now it’s all about pushing other people, I very rarely release on it now. The compilation is extremely diverse and Will Aktinson provided a fantastic mix for CD2.

What made you choose Will Atkinson to mix the 2nd CD?

Simply put, he is the most diverse and exciting producer out there by a mile. He is also a top class DJ so it was quite a simple choice really. He’s not afraid to play the music that he likes and that’s something that I have always done, trying to steer clear of the easy option. He has a massive future ahead of him and I’m delighted he is part of the first Kearnage compilation.

Will’s new track “Fresh Meat” is creating quite a stir in the fraternity, where did the idea come from?

I’m not too sure. You will have to ask him about that. I dread to think what goes on in that mind of his if he’s making tracks like that. I can’t complain though. It was a worthy successor to “Harvester”. I think he has already completed the follow-up to “Fresh Meat” so I can’t wait to release that later on in the year on the label.

Recently Paul Van Dyk mentioned that it has become difficult to make a compilation since no one is making exclusive tracks for a compilation, did you face something similar?

I wouldn’t agree with that statement at all. The Kearnage compilation has a number of tracks that were specifically made for the album by myself and by other producers. My ‘Pure Trance Vol. 3’ Mix had nine tracks exclusively made for it. If you ask the right people for music they will come up with the goods. I consider myself very lucky to have such a talented group of producers to call upon for music. Will Atkinson is that talented he could probably make a full mix containing his own music and they would all be exclusive. It’s all about putting in the hard work if you want a compilation to stand out, if you don’t, well then it will just sound like every other compilation out there.

We had a little complain while we were in Ireland for the last 2 years, we only saw you play twice. Why would you play so sporadically in Ireland?

It’s tough to say really. Ireland’s clubbing scene took a massive hit during the recession and I think it’s only starting to come back around a bit now. For that reason if I do play in my home country I want to play at the best events possible. The ‘This Is Kearnage Volume 001 Launch Party’ is taking place this week at The Button Factory in Dublin and will be the first time I’ve played a headline set in Dublin for almost three years so I have to make it special.

On the other hand, you have massive fan following in Argentina. What is Argentina’s passionate connection with hard and uplifting trance?

They are extremely passionate people and have so much energy. Best crowd in the world. I think it’s the only country in the world where I’ve shed a few tears at the end of my performance every time I’ve played there. I’m sure I’m not alone there.

The Ibiza season is around the corner and you are playing at Cream this year. What has made Ibiza such a formidable party destination for over 2 decades?

Music, people and good weather. It has a nice healthy combination of all of those. The island caters for fans of all types of music and that’s the main thing. Most of the piss heads are confined to the West End and the majority of people in the clubs are there for the music. I think that’s what makes it so formidable. Amnesia is my favourite club in the world and having gone there as a clubber every year since 2003 I feel really proud to be able to perform there. Roll on June 25th for my first performance of this season.

Years ago you made a track with Snatam Kaur titles “Omg Namo”. Could you share us more about the making of this track?

The original was a track that randomly came onto an iPod at a house I was in around six years ago. The song just clicked for me, I don’t know what it was, I just felt I had to do something with it. I downloaded the track, rewrote all the music and began to transform it into something more club based. I sent the final version to her record label and they loved it. Gareth Emery picked up the track for Garuda but then decided to drop it from the release schedule as he had to focus on the forthcoming release of his own album. Normally this would have had me feeling really down but for some reason I didn’t feel any sort of sadness or disappointment, it was as if it was meant to happen. I then got to know the guys from Neptune Project and they agreed to do a remix for me of the track. The track was then picked up by Aly & Fila’s Future Sound Of Egypt and got a full release. The universe was definitely at work when it comes to the story of that track.

What’s next for Bryan Kearney?

My ‘This Is Kearnage Launch Party’ takes place this Friday the 15th of May at The Button Factory in Dublin. After that there are shows in the England, Holland, Malaysia, Scotland and Argentina over the next four weeks. The ‘This Is Kearnage Volume 001’ album is released on May 25th on Black Hole Recordings. I have originals forthcoming on Kearnage, Subculture and Pure Trance over the next couple of months alongside a remix on Giuseppe Ottaviani’s Go On Air label. I’m looking forward to my first weekend off since January in June and I’m using my time at home to work on new productions.

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