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Just before he plays on Trance Energy Radio as a guest mix with Duo Tonal’s Tonic Sessions, Bjorn Akesson has chat with us about his music

Q 1 – We’ve seen and heard your journey across major trance labels in the world, can u tell us about your journey?

Working hard and delivering interesting original tracks has always been my ambition. It was a very hard time at first, but improving for each new track slowly gets you towards a deal with a big trance label.

Q 2 – You are building a new studio, can you tell us more about the upgrades?

I moved to a new location and the sound was initially horrible so I’ve spent a lot of time and work to treat it properly with acoustic absorbers and basstraps. Having good speakers isn’t enough, they need to placed properly in the room and if possible, some sort of acoustic treatment to give the best sound.

Q 3 – How has 2015 been for you and what can we expect in 2016?

It’s been a great year with a lot of milestones passed. In 2016 I will released a lot more music and play in completely new counties as well as visiting some of my favorite places.

Q 4 – your friendship with Aly & Fila goes a long way, how did it all begin.?

We got in touch through mutual friends back in 2006 or so. I sent them my unsigned music which they played out. This later on progressed into a more professional relationship.

Q 5 – What are your thoughts on the current trance scene in India.?

It seems that for the uplifting side of trance, the Indian scene has declined a bit. This however leaves room for new parties and events. Hopefully someone will take the chance and create something big!

Q 6 –  What is the source of your inspiration towards music.?

Inpiration is everywhere, not only in music. hard to nail it down to specifics, most time I find myself writing music without any specific idea in mind.


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