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Backstage with Sied van Riel

The Dutch DJ Sied van Riel has recently released his new compilation ‘Rielism 2’, you can buy your copy on Beatport.

Meanwhile he tells us things that you would really want to know!

If you were not a DJ/producer you would be a…

Either a Chef in a kitchen somewhere or still working in the harbor of Rotterdam. My interests go out to jobs that are creative and diverse. I’ve studied cooking, but I’ve also had jobs like scaffold builder, quality control inspector and what not. If I had to stop as a DJ I would now probably become an artist manager or tour manager. I’ve also promoted a lot of events, but I can’t see myself doing that again.

If there was no music…

We would all be suicidal and the world would be an extremely ugly place! Mobile phones would have no ring tones, MP3 players would be non existing and movies would be a lot less exiting without music in them. Also, the radio would be speech only. MTV would just be TV.

What do you like the most about your job?

Meeting people from all different countries, religions and backgrounds. Sharing my passion for music with thousands and thousands of others every week. Getting to see parts of the world I would have never ever seen in this life. I am truly blessed with what I do and with realizing this I try to remain the same person I always have been. It’s easy to lose track of things, but so far I think I’m doing okay.

Place where you’d never make yourself a tattoo…

In my neck or my face. I’d love to have a cool neck tattoo, but I already get judged a lot in life by my appearance and a tattoo in my neck or face would only make things worse. Unfortunately this is how things work in this world and it can really annoy me sometimes. Never judge a book by its cover!

What’s the best movie you have recently watched?

‘We’re The Millers’ and ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’. Hilarious movies!!

The weirdest place you’ve played at…

At a birthday party of a fan in a back yard with Tigers and stuff… son of the president was there and all. Was a cool night and experience.

I would never wear…

White socks or crocks. Or both at the same time in shorts.

The craziest thing you’ve ever done…

My life has been quite interesting from the start I would say. What a roller coaster ride it has been so far. Did so many things in my life many others maybe would have never done or done different, but life is a learning process till the day you move on. I try never to regret mistakes I’ve made, you can only learn from them and move forward.

Your most effective hangover cure…

Hahaha. I still have to find the perfect cure for this. BUT lots of water, sleep and a big juicy fat hamburger normally do it for me.

What’s your biggest passion besides music?

Living life. I really love life. I would be one of those people who walks around and tells myself… “absorb the moment Sied, remember this!” Sometimes things fly by so fast you forgot to enjoy them. So now I am really telling myself… “feel it, absorb it, remember it!” And bowling is also a passion of mine… Love that sport!! And my 2 dogs of course :)

Three things we will always find in your luggage…

My Eau Du Toilette… Givenchy Play or Armani!
My deodorant… it’s odorless… best ever!
A spare phone in case the other one breaks down or gets stolen or whatever.

If you could time travel where and when would you go…

Back to a moment where my grandmother was still alive. I miss her so much. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. I gave her a certificate of “Best Grandmother In The World” in 1993. This is now in my studio so I look at it every day when I walk in.

Favourite drink…

Sprite, orange juice, still water, an occasional vodka and champagne are my drinks of choice. I don’t drink champagne because it’s champagne and it’s posh. I really enjoy the taste of it. Wine however isn’t my thing.

Tell us your most hilarious gig related situation…

During my sets I’m always focussed and very serious. I’ve never really had crazy things happening on stage and that’s how I like to keep it. People know I like to make jokes and stuff, but my sets and music are as serious as it gets. Stage time is what it is all about for me. I do remember an event in Miami with Aly & Fila, Giuseppe, Bolier, Kaeno, David Forbes and some others. We went to Jerry’s diner after the gig. Smoking inside, decorating people with lettuce, tomatoes and fries. Stacking up the menus on tables and see who could reach the highest point before them falling down and of course extremely extremely loud. Fadi and me were on the floor dying of laughter. It was the first time Forbes hung out with us and he had no idea what happened to him hahahaha. A night to remember.

Giuseppe, Fadi and me also did an interview together once in Miami. Needless to say that that interview never saw the light of day. What a mess that was hahaha. We sat there for 45 minutes, I think 2 minutes of those where serious and they happened after we were done. Hilarious.

Thing you can’t imagine your life without…

The people who I love, the fans and lovers of trance music and music itself.

Thank you for your time :)

Thanks for having me =)


Totally addicted to (trance) music 26yo girl from south Poland. I love to hug people :)

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