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Backstage with Giuseppe Ottaviani

If you were not a DJ/producer you would be a…

Most probably a mastering engineer.

If there was no music…

I would be unemployed? :)

What do you like the most about your job?

The way I can share the same emotions that music gives to me with other people.

Name your teenage musical hero (non EDM).

Irish rock band U2.

We know you used to collect posters of events you played at. Do you still do that and how many of them do you have?

Yeah I did it for a long time but there’s no more room for my posters unfortunately. I have many in my folders but it became quite impossible to collect each single one lately.

What’s the most common crime non-Italians do preparing Italian meals?

Put the cream on spaghetti carbonara.

What’s the last book you’ve read and movie you’ve watched?

Bob Katz – Mastering Audio (The art and the science) and The Dark Knight Rises… but that was in Chinese with English subtitles… not much fun at all on my flight to Kuala Lampur.

Pasta or pizza?


Name a thing you just can’t resist…

Pasta and Pizza.

What’s the funniest situation that happened to you on a gig?

Well not exactly during the gig but at the hotel later. I was sleeping and I’ve clearly heard the fire alarm. I jumped off the bed and went outside my room to check. There were no alarms at all, I was still sleeping obviously and in the door behind me automatically closed. I was outside the corridor with my underwear only and I had to go down to the reception half-naked to ask a copy of my room key. P.S. there was a wedding party going on there… so, funny? Well surely embarrassing. Where did it happen? North of Ireland, a while ago.

Favourite sport and sportsman…

I don’t follow sports much but if you ask me I like motorbikes and Valentino Rossi is the man.

Your dream car…

Audio R8.

Gadget you can’t live without…

Is the iPhone considered a gadget?

What’s the thing you usually forget?

People’s names… and faces sometime, sorry to everyone about that.

Your favourite color?

Magenta, apparently. :)

Thank you for your time :)

Thank you guys.

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Totally addicted to (trance) music 26yo girl from south Poland. I love to hug people :)

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