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Backstage with Dennis Sheperd

dennis sheperd

Dennis Sheperd has recently released a club mix and extended mix of his new single “Where I begin” with Katty Heath. You can buy your copy here – Beatport

We had a quick chat with him about things he loves, so here’s getting candid with Dennis Sheperd

 If you were not a dj / producer you would be a…

… nutritionist or cook or restaurant owner! Food & nutrition is my second love! :-)

What do you like the most about your job?

Making people happy with stuff through which I express myself! Music production is just fun and I am so happy when I create something that I am excited about! It gives me that certain smile…

Name your teenage musical hero (non edm)…

More a kid musical hero but still: Michael Jackson!

What TV show have you been hooked onto lately, which is your all time favoutite TV show?

Not much of a TV person but one series I just LOVE is: Big Bang Theory! Oh, how I love this kind of humor! Mostly dry, ironic humor.

You seem to love cooking, what is your favourite cuisine?

When cooking myself I try everything but it’s mostly Western cuisine. But recently I also tried my first ever Briyani! It was really delicious, approved by my South African girlfriend who has Indian roots. :)

Movie you love to go back to…

I just recently watched Gattaca again and I honestly forgot how good that movie is! It is from 1997, almost 20 years old, can you imagine! And still it’s so “fresh” to me. Watch the trailer here:

(although the trailer doesn’t do the movie justice!)

Most hated school subject…

I didn’t really hate a certain subject… There were a few subjects that I didn’t enjoy that much but that was mostly because of the teachers and not the subjects! One of them was physics. I usually slept during the lessons because I played Diablo 2 Player versus Player during the evenings and nights after school, haha!

Gadgets you can’t live without:

Dishwasher (I hate washing dishes!), laptop (to produce music on it, couldn’t live without it!) & bycicle (my only way to travel in Berlin – keeps you fit and strong + saves you money & time!)

What did you do with your first pay cheque?

I don’t remember honestly. I started working in a part-time job 15 years ago (when I was 15!). My parents tought me how to deal with money properly by not just giving me tons of money to spend but by showing me actually where money comes from and that you have to earn it yourself. Therefore from the age of 15 I always worked. And I am very thankful for that!

Things about Germany you totally LOVE!

Well, mostly my friends and family! Once you have a deep friendship in Germany, it can last a lifetime! German efficiency is also something I really learned to appreciate after travelling the world. We are known for it and there’s a reason why!

What other hidden talents do you have?

Something not many people know is that I have bachelor degree in business (and I specialised in corporate and tax law).I used to be a soccer player and I wasn’t too bad either! After playing some tournaments, I got a few really good offers from successful German teams. But unfortunately my legs/knees were a bit too unstable. Got many injuries and therefore I quit playing soccer in a club.

I travelled from Berlin to Essen (my hometown) via bycicle in 2013! 700 km! In 7 days. One of the best experiences in my life. I enjoyed it so much and will definitely do it again!

Name a thing you just can’t resist…

South African curry from my girlfriend and my mother in-law! One of the best things ever! <3

Favourite sport and sportsman…and any football team you love?

Not that much into watching sports honestly! I rather do it myself. ;-)

Your dream car…

Not a car fan! Even as a millionaire I would still use my bycicle in Berlin…


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