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Very pleased to have on TranceHub for the first time a new rising star Amir Hussain.Hi Amir! How are you?

Pleasure is all mine, thank your interest and for having me on TranceHub

I’m not too bad, thanks! Just quite busy with my final year assignments for University.

How did you first get involved in trance music?

My first encounter with electronic music was through Depeche Mode around about 2005 and MTV club hits. It was around 2006/2007 I remember hearing a Trance track on TV and I was trying to ID it.

I finally got a friend who knew what it was. (Robert Miles – Children)

So I took it to myself to got onto YouTube and I found out that it was Trance music. I still remember searching for Trance music on Google and YouTube and ending up DI.FM for the first back in 2007 when I was still in high school. I used to be (and still am) an Alternative Rock / Metal fan beforehand.

It didn’t long after that for Trance to become my full time love.

”Traveling somewhere,could be anywhere” Where? Pick your top 3 destinations

Los Angeles, USA.

Tokyo, Japan.

Dubai, UAE.

We know you’re also a student.What do you study?  Is it related to music?

I am a final year Commutations and Public Relations student, its not related to music, but I learn some things that I can apply to my music career through this course.

I didn’t wish to study music because I wanted to have a backup plan. Being involved In music as more than just a fan and releasing it was always a gamble and wasn’t something that I took seriously until a year and a bit ago. Most certainly not at the time when I started studying.

What’s your thing: producing or DJing? Why?

DJ’ing , my main interest has always been more DJ’ing rather than production. I always had an ear for tracks that not many had known of. Those hidden gems that rock the dancefloor and people would wonder what they were.

I took an interest in production after realizing in this day in age one needed to release music to get somewhere as a DJ. And vice versa for production.

How did you get your start in music? Do you remember your first release?

I preferred the slower stuff 128 – 134 BPM when I started releasing and my first release is called “Purple Lotus” a 132 BPM track on Claudia Cazacu’s label. It was actually how that slower sound had changed while the 138+ stuff stayed to its roots is why I changed to the faster stuff full time.

I still love slower Trance, I am a huge fan of progressive Trance. I just prefer how the 130-134 stuff used to be a few years ago rather than now. That has become mainly electro/big room influenced.

Your latest track “To The Lost” has been supported by Armin Van Buuren and lots of producers.It’s truly beautiful.What’s the story behind it?

Thank you very much for the kind words first and foremost.

“To The Lost” is one that I dedicated to my Grandfather who recently passed away because he was truly special to me. He was more of a father figure than my actual father was. I remember a lot of things he used to tell me and teach me about. He was a creative genius.

One memory that stays in my mind was how he always used to warn me about loud music exposure and that it can damage my hearing. I didn’t listen to his advice because I was young (16) at the time and obviously thought I was invincible. I managed to damage my left ear slightly (15db Hearing loss in the left one), thankfully the right one is still fine. I never got a chance to tell him “You were right Grandpa” because he passed away.

This track was my way of saying “I should have listened to you”

Is there a trance scene in your motherland – Bahrain? How would you describe it?

There are a group of guys trying to start one and promote a scene there now. They run an event called Waveform.

There wasn’t when I was living there and growing up. How odd there is one starting to grow when I leave eh?

What do you prepare for trance fans in the upcoming future? More music? Any Gigs?

I have a collaboration with A & Z called “Dizzy Heights” which is coming on WAO138?!

I also just finished a remix for Monster Tunes that got Wonder of the week on FSOE.

Currently sorting out a new original.

I am in Australia soon for a three city tour in June. I am also playing in Bahrain this month. Looking forward to both these gigs!

Do you have any passions beside trance music?

Football, I am a mad Newcastle United supporter. (For all my sins)

Travelling – I’ve been to a fair few countries and I have many I still want to see.

Food – It’s a surprise I weigh the amount I do, because how much I eat does not reflect on my weight at all. (Massive fan of Indian, Chinese and Japanese food)

A message for your supporters

First of all a massive thank you for spending your time/money/interest on me and the music I put out. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support.

I will never forget that, no matter where this career takes me.

Don’t be a stranger if you see me and please say hi! We can have a drink and a chat!


Freelance journalist,blogger.Artist Relations TranceHub

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