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Allen & Envy talk beginnings & future

– HI Steve, welcome to Trance Hub, Tell us how Allen & Envy came together? Was this the stage name you always had?

Steve – It was a combination of both of our artist names, kinda had a good ring to it so we ran with it J

– In 2012, when the trance scene in UK was fairly saturated and there was immense competition already, did you ever think Allen & Envy will be a big name in Uplifting trance genre?

Steve – To be honest, I almost quit a lot of times, but teaming up with Scott I decided to give things one last shot. Perhaps the years of producing finally paid off, and my sound had matured enough over the years to give the impact that we had when we released our first batch of tracks. I never thought we would be where we aretoday,a lot of hard work has gone in to get us to where we are. On the scale of things though, our career is still very young and theres still a long way to go!

– From playing in small clubs to ASOT 650, Godskitchen, Luminosity and now Dreamstate…what went right for Allen & Envy?

Steve – I think, as well as the obvious with the remixes of “Stole the Sun” and “Silhouette”, it was the right time for uplifting trance, and we couldn’t of launched the “Allen & Envy” project at a better time.

Over the years my sound has never really changed much as it’s always been uplifting trance in its essence.

But I think adding the vocals really changed things, giving that classic emotion in the tracks with some gorgeous vocals gave an end result which people seemed to like. I think on the whole though, the timing was the most important part.

– Your remix of Silhouette was something that really got you noticed and propelled you to the next stage, how did the opportunity come about?

Steve – We got asked to remix the track following some well supported releases. It took me a good month or two to make the remix, which really tested my production skills as I had a vision for the track, it was just getting it there. The end result was, well as your know, a track that was really well received.

– Could you give us a little sense of the individual duties inside Allen & Envy?

Steve – We both DJ, sometimes were booked alone, like a lot of acts now but where we can, we play together. In terms of producing, that’s my bag as well as the general day to day stuff, Scott records the “Together” show for DI.FM.

– We’ve always been fascinated by the rise of uplifting trance lately and somehow progressive trance has been left behind completely, do you agree with this?

Steve – Not at all, I think trance as a genre is so diverse now, progressive is still huge, and each sound now has its own pocket of loyal followers. Everything works in cycles in the industry, its great to see the uplifting sound of trance being so popular right now though!

– Who has been the best vocalist to work in your career yet? Any vocalists you would like to work with?

Steve – I always love working with Sarah Lynn’s vocals, for some reason they fit perfectly the productions. In terms of whom I would like to work with, who I haven’t had the chance to so far I would have to say Roxanne Emery and Bo Bruce would be right up there!

– What are Allen & Envy passionate about apart from music?

Steve – I love football, I’m a big Liverpool fan so I try to watch as many games as I can.

– What are your plans for the rest of the year, any new music lined up?

Steve – there are loads of releases coming up, Our new single on Amsterdam Trance with Gemma Pavlovic “Heaven Wont Wait” is out beginning of August, we’ve done a remix for Eximinds of a nice vocal tune for their label which will be out late august and our remix of Venom One & Sarah Howells “Rush” will be out September time

We have a good few releases on Armada, Vandit, Pure Trance, Damaged, Unique Sense and Critical that we don’t have releases dates for too

Any message for your fans

Steve – Massive thank you for your support, we have such loyal fans who always inspire me to make music. Big thankyou to Trance Hub too for the interview!


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