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Hello Sir Alex, it’s an honour to have the Uplifting Trance Guru on Trance Hub. What is the highest altitude you have ever played a gig at? How was the experience?

The highest? I don’t know! But the deepest will defo be my gig in a club in Korea coming up in October: deep down under the earth!

‘Prime Mover’ is your second album, how was the experience different from the first one? Have certain elements become easier and some harder?

Not harder, not easier. Over the last years I always tried new stuff besides the typical energetic driving power trance sound that most people know me of. So I combined new parts and sounds without throwing over board those elements that are responsible for the trademark M.O.R.P.H. character. It’s a constant process and it’s a link between the familiar sound character and new elements that are floating around it. ‘Prime Mover’ has a higher quality than ‘Purple Audio’ and it has more club character.

We absolutely LOVE some names from the album. Give us a short description behind the nomenclature?

• Monday Morning Madness” with Shannon Hurley – Dedicated to everybody who know about the most horrible day of the week. And I think everybody knows it. You don’t want the weekend to end, you’re tired, stuck in traffic on the way to work and all that, aaahhhhhh!

• Bay Of Bengal• [this was expected :)] – Saw that name on the screen in the plane a thousand times when I flew by. And I thought this would be a nice title for a track because it’s not so overused as “New York”, “Miami” or “Las Vegas”.

Albums are no longer about the tracks, they grow into a fully fledged brand… there’s huge amount of promotional activities, tours, merchandise that goes in these days. How did you zero in on the marketing plan for ‘Prime Mover’?

Marketing is very important, sure. You can have the best tracks in the world, but without a marketing plan you won’t have any chance to show the world what you got. It’s very hard to stand out nowadays because the market is flooded with stuff. You need as much promotion as possible, you need the press. Reviewers, interviewers, magazines, blogging sites, all the social media activities that help spread the word etc. And of course the fans who share the news to support the artist and his music. It’s a complex world, a fast world and not easy to stand out. That’s all done by a fantastic team through my management at Music & Artist Agency and Armada Music.

Since you’ve been a remix specialist all your career, If you were to choose artists who would remix a few of your tracks from ‘Prime Mover’, who would they be?

Hmmm, maybe Heatbeat and Shogun would be nice, and would like to hear what Armin or Moby would do with the material. There are quite a few artists that would be interesting for that.

How did the Triple A group come into being, will we hear more stuff from the trio?

Well, Armin has been my biggest supporter during the past few years, which I’m really happy about. And even some fans came to me regularly and said “man, you have to make a track with Armin!!!”. And I guess it just had to happen one day, haha! We’re really good friends and last year we finally talked about it and “Winter Stayed” was born together with Ana Criado who I introduced to the scene when we did “Sunset Boulevard”. As all of our names begin with “A”, we came up with “Triple A”, and the single “Winter Stayed” was really well accepted. Armin did a mix, I did a mix – it was a quality package and you can definitely expect a followup on that one. Nothing is in progress right now, but as soon as we have a great idea and the time is right for all three of us, we’ll be doing a new “Triple A”, promised!

HeavensGate is a beautiful property created by Woody van Eyden and you, how do you plan to scale up the brand? Any interesting activities coming up?

HeavensGate is doing really well, we have more and more listeners all over the globe and our live shows and specials (e.g. from Ibiza or other events) gain lots of popularity. We always deliver high quality whatever we are doing, and we are planning some more prestigious events and interesting activities for sure, yepp. More and more partners – even big ones – are getting interested in working with us, so expect to see HeavensGate a lot in the future!

We know that you have done over 120 remixes of formidable artists like – ATB, PvD, Armin Van Buuren, Rank 1. WOW, how do you generate motivation to do a remix!

Everyone knows this: you hear a track and think “hmmm, I would love to do it like this or that, it would be great!” And I’m lucky that so many artists and labels think of me on their own when they have a new release in the pipeline. That’s why we get flooded with remix requests. I cannot do all of them, and it doesn’t make sense with every track. I have to like it and I have to have a certain remix idea right away when I hear it. The motivation generates on its own then.

You recently played with the legend Kai Tracid, how was the experience on sharing the decks with him. Any other dream B2B partners for Alex?

It wasn’t a B2B set with Kai, but yeah we lined him up for a HeavensGate floor at an event early this year. Was a fun night and he did a fantastic classic set! And what a relaxed person he is. So, my dream B2B partners? Isn’t Woody lovely enough? Hahaha!

It was a pleasure to have you on Trance Hub. All the best for ‘Prime Mover’. We love it and we are sure everyone will!

Thanks for having me and thanks for your wishes. Hope to see you anytime soon!

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