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Alex Di Stefano talks India tour & music

Go madras Alex Di Stefano

Hi Alex, Super to have you on Trance Hub just before your Indian tour. What have you heard about the Indian dance music scene?

Hi guys, likewise! I have heard a lot of good things about Indian dance music, so I’ll expect a very open minded crowd.

You are playing in 2 cities – a techno festival Go:Madras Festival in Chennai and Kitty Su in Mumbai, what can we expect you to play here? Techno or your signature Tech-Trance?

I’ll try to play with my usual “Tech-Trance” footprint and of course will not miss Techno in my set but I’ll see it when I’m on stage what will be best for me and the crowd.

You have been producing and DJing since 1994, that’s over 20 years now. How would you describe your journey?

Full of emotions and surprises, but at the same time of suffering and hard work.

Over the last 20 years, there’s been a paradigm change in music production. Lately it is said that its more about technology less about music. Do you agree?

Yes, there was a noticeable change with the introduction of technology, I have noticed that there is less creativity from producers today, especially the young ones.We just have to keep up with it but we should not lose that creativity that music gives us.

2015 has been a breakthrough year for you – with tracks & remixes on Outburst, Kearnage, Subculture, J00F recordings and more? What is going right with Alex?

A very important year for my career, releasing tracks for prestigious labels as you have already mentioned, it was an important goal but obviously Alex does not stop there. Many other surprises in the coming months, but I can not reveal anything yet.

Must say Mark Sherry has supported you a lot in the recent years, how is it working with the tech-trance legend?

Yeah, I got a great support from him and I am truly grateful, working and having an exchange of views with him about productions is amazing!

Tech trance is really HOT at the moment, what do you think drives the popularity of this genre?

Well I think the boost of artists such as Mark Sherry, Bryan Kearney has contributed to give more life to this style.

What is keeping you busy in the studio at the moment?

I’m currently working on my next single and I can anticipate that it will be Tech-Trance with a huge melody in the breakdown.

What is the next big step for Alex – label, album or more EPs?

At the moment I’m focusing on my career, whereby I’ll continue to release EP’s/Remixes, but I already have plans to open a label and release an album very soon. Also, in the coming months there will be a change about my podcasts, with a new Brand.

Message for your fans

Hello everyone, I’m looking forward to playing for you in my next India tour and enjoy the magnificent cultures it offers. See you soon!


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