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Hello and welcome to Trance Hub Adam, tell us what have you decided to dress up for Halloween this year?

Hey thanks for having me. Well I am away in Canada leading up to my Halloween gig this year in Galway, Ireland so I don’t have any clue. I will probably just go as myself. That’s scary enough haha.

You have been having a phenomenal year – new tracks, gigs around the world. How does it feel to be the young prodigy of Trance music?

I’m not sure I would give my self that title but it’s great to see what I have achieved in the last 20 or so months. I’m a grounded person though so I think as nice as it is to take a step back and think about what I have done, it’s important to focus on the future and continue working hard on my music.

All your productions get tremendous support by DJs and charts alike – How do you approach singles vs remixes?

Well singles are quite different because you have no starting point. I usually start with a melody in a separate project and when I find something I like I will start a new track and go from there. With remix’s I always get the remix pack and I import all the parts. I then build up my remix. It’s very challenging with a remix because there are so many possibilities. In the end it usually comes together, it just takes time.

Tell us the story behind names of your tracks – Agent Orange and Velocity in French. Is there any track name you are really proud of?

Agent Orange was named by a friend who gave me the idea after hearing Napalm Poet. Napalm and Agent Orange are both chemicals used in the Vietnam war. It caught my attention and the rest is history. I really like calling my tracks interesting and unique names. I try to choose names that have never been used before (I search Beatport / Discogs for to check this). One of my favorites is a new one coming up called Culture Vulture.

As a new comer in the industry, sometime you may get requests for doing collaborations or remixes you may not like. How do you handle such a situation, do you go for it or deny?

Well I just have to be honest. At the end of the day I can’t work with something if I don’t feel it will get across what I want in my music. I handle it as professionally as possible and I don’t think there’s any other way to do it.

Your first vocal with Neev Kennedy is out now, how different is it to make a vocal track to an instrumental tune?

This was a big challenge for me to be honest. Finding a vocal I liked was a nightmare but I got there in the end. Once I had that I started to make the breakdown of the track and pieced together a melody. The melody is quite complex in the sense that its 32 bars but goes in a different order quite a few times due to the vocal. I then spent a lot of time on the atmospheric section of the break down to really try and fill out the space in between the vocals. It was a pleasure working with Neev Kennedy’s voice and off course Raz who owns Amsterdam Trance Records and records the vocal. The reaction to this one has been fantastic and I have already got the main breakdown ready for my second vocal track. I am however taking my time finding a vocal I love and more importantly one that offers something different to ‘Reason To Believe’.

What makes UK the hotbed of new and upcoming trance producers, it has easily overtaken the Netherlands in this regard?

I think we just love Trance music and it so happens there’s a lot of guys who are bloody good at making it. Trance was seriously big here in the early 2000s and I think that has carried on and never died. There’s a LOT of talent in the UK atm and I can safely say that we’re just going to keep going and get better and better. It’s amazing to see new talents come out too like Paul Denton, Shugz, Kinetika, Darren Flynn ect.

We see a common phenomenon these days with artists becoming popular, starting their own labels and events..for us it divides the scene as artists only care about their clan then. What do you make out of it?

I don’t really see it that way. I see it as a natural progression and one I would like to follow one day. I’ve always wanted to start a label but I knew that it would have a 90 % better chance of being decent if I made my name first in the scene and concentrated on myself for 3 or 4 years. I’m still a long way off a label and my own nights but its something I will do one day. I just see it as branching out and expanding your brand. It’s just like a business opening another store in a sense. I don’t see why you can’t do that and care for the scene like you did before. It certainly wouldn’t change how I was.

What are next big milestones on Adam’s list?

I just want to concentrate on music and travel the world playing the music that I produce and love. It’s really as simple as that for me.

Any countries do you wish to have gigs in your nearest future?

I want to travel to any country that has an educated Trance scene I’m lucky enough to have played in 13 or 14 in the last 18 months so I just want to keep going to new places.

You are all set to make your Irish debut next weekend at Galway, what have you heard about the Irish Trance scene?

Well I know they’re all mad haha. In a good way of course. I really love the Irish people. There all really friendly and passionate about Trance. That’s all that matters.

What sort of advice you would give to producers who do not have the budget to buy a lot of equipments for their music production?

If you can’t afford a high quality set of monitors I would suggest second-hand pair of AKG K 702 or similar. I made Napalm Poet on those and a Macbook pro with no keyboard or anything. Whats important is taking your time to learn how to produce on your own. Be patient and don’t give up when times get hard (which they will). Just keep at it. The passion and love of Trance is what helped me carry on producing when times were tough.  If you want it enough there is no reason you can’t achieve your dreams.

Any message for your fans?

Its cliché but my fans mean the world to me. It’s truly amazing to see how many people around the world like my music and everything connected to it. I can’t thank them enough for everything and I just hope to carry on building an honest fan base over time.

Thanks guys and thanks Trance Hub!

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