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BangOn!NYC Presents: Elements

  • Date: 22 - Aug - 2015
  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Venue: Brooklyn Warehouse
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Elements Music and Arts Festival

Welcome to ELEMENTS – Bangon’s premier music and arts festival at a spectacularly unique post-industrial waterfront venue…a dreamer’s playground that feels like an affair between Berlin, Burning Man, and Bushwick- a secret city within the heart of Brooklyn. For it’s third year, BangOn! is hosting a day long event from 12pm-11pm that will feature four unique stages (Water, Earth, Air, Fire) that are displaying a combination of live performances and DJs. Paper Diamond, XXYYXX, Shpongle, Amtrac, Minnesota, and Nora en Pure, are just a few of this year’s must-see performances out of the thirty-one to choose from. Outside of the talent, fans can expect large-scale themed art installations, 3D projection mapping, death-defying aerial performances, magnificent art cars, decadent food trucks, exotic clothing/jewelry vendors, rides, slides, circus performances, and an entire new world to experience.

BangOn! also continues their commitment to eco-conscious partying, and for Elements, they’re taking things up a notch. The festival will feature recycling, solar powered cell phone charging stations, solar powered art installations, alternative energy sources when possible, and biodegradable cups. Littering of cups, cans, and cigarettes will be highly frowned upon. They will be offering 33% discounted tickets to those with Hybird or Electric vehicle registrations

If unfamiliar, BangOn! has been at the forefront of pop up warehouse parties for the past 8 years. Routine sell-outs, the parties take place during the holiday and summer seasons (New Years Eve “Time & Space,” Halloween “Warehouse Of Horrors,”). The producers of BangOn!’s forward thinking ideas and saavy attention to detail have given them the reputation of the closest you’ll come to Burning Man on the east coast, not to mention the leaders of independent EDM events in New York City. Trippy art installations, carnival rides, and aerial dancers, are just some of the perks from BangOn! events. The producers have recruited some of the most creative minds of generation to illuminate their events including award-winning 3D projection mappers Light Harvest, Reality Engine, and Rhizome.

Their talent as tastemakers shines with seamless bookings that bring out some of electronic music’s music critically acclaimed stars including Twin Shadow, Lee Foss, Felix Da Housecat, and more. This penchant for top-notch bookings even awarded BangOn! their very own stage at this year’s Mysteryland, that featured buzzy underground talent including Alastair, Hohme, The Golden Pony, and more. Further, their activation at Mysteryland also include the only after hours stage with their curated silent disco.

Paper Diamond
Anna Lunoe
Nora En Pure
Liquid Stranger
Hotel Garuda
Louis Futon
Eduardo Castillo
Luca Lush
Eau Claire
Fight Clvb
Landis Lapace
The Golden Pony
Alex English
David Kiss
Dirty Looks
Housing Corp
Jan Hus
La Casa Magica
Max August

The Earth Stage will highlight hippy dance vibes as well as a bass sound, spotlighting artists such as Paper Diamond, Shpongle and Minnesota. Paper Diamond brings his unique style and raw energy to the biggest festivals around the world, and is a natural fit to usher in the ground quaking stage into the heat of the night.

Calling all House purists, we have just the stage for you. Presenting the Air Stage, Bangon! has recruited hypeworthy acts Amtrac, xxyyxx, Anna Lunoe, Nora En Pure, and more. Amtrac has always been pushing his creative limits, whether it be playing live music performances, or electrifying dancefloors with his funk-filled DJ sets. xxyyxx is known for his prominent popularity within the indie-dance community, using manipulated keyboard samples and underlying bass tones for a progressive and trademark sound.

New York also gets in on the fun thanks to the locally curated Fire stage, featuring homegrown talents including Housing Corp, Hiawatha, and 2melo. Shining a light on what’s in our own backyard, expect to leave the Fire Stage with true insight into what’s actually going on in the Big Apple underground.

Rounding things out we have the Water Stage that will plunge into the depths of
deep-house thanks to stylings from Eduardo Castillo, Audiofly, and John Dill among the roster. Castillo, a talented DJ, producer, composer, and singer uses improvisational live remixing to expertly weave tracks in and out in real-time. Trust us, this won’t be one to miss.

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