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Top 5 Tracks of the Month by Thomas Datt

Top 5 Tracks of the Month by Thomas Datt

We asked Thomas Datt, who just released his second studio album ‘Inside the Glacier’ (Review here), his Top 5 Trance Tracks for the Month and here are his selections:

1. Thomas Datt – Inside The Glacier

“Well first of all, duh because it’s my work! Seriously though, is this cheating? It is A RELEASE after all, whether it’s an album or a single, that’s not really something I’m worried about. With that said, there really isn’t anything else like this out there, and I’m not just saying this because it’s my work. Go ahead, have a listen and you will agree with what I just said. It is a unique take on trance, chill out music, movie like scores, electronica, all blended beautifully into what is definitely a peek into my soul… more or less. Call it Datt Unplugged if you like, where there are no rules, just music seeping out of me and into your ears.”

2. Matt Holliday – Breakthrough (Thomas Datt Remix)

“Another example of taking a remix job a step, or 10, further from the source material. Expanding and evolving on the ideas presented in the original track. Also I love the fact that I went with the flow of my intuition, to do something a bit different from the usual, standard, Datt fare.”

3. RDUO – Summer Fun (Slam Duck Remix) along with (Deep Lark Remix)

“This might be cheating as well, but I really love both remixes of this track. It wouldn’t be fair to my taste in music, nor the producers involved, if I only chose one over the other. The vocal sample is great, and reminds me of “Empire Of The Sun”. Each one of these mixes brings something unique to the table, but has that sort of 80s feel to it, which I love.”

4. Shanghai – Smoke And Mirrors (Michael Cassette Remix)

“It may be old, but for some odd reason it is quite new to me. Yes, years ago I happened to miss this release. Don’t ask me how, especially since I am a big fan of MC. Either way, you just can’t deny those amazing 80s sounds (which I thrive on) and the vocal is pretty awesome too. The melodic elements of this remix make me think of an 80s movie soundtrack. Very spacey and haunting.”

5. Timewave – Overdrive

“Another track from Timewave that happens to be a favorite in my box. The first one being “The Reaper”. This is an amazing example of progressive psy trance. A perfect blend of elements taken from multiple genres, to make a track that’s approachable to a regular trance listener, that perhaps can’t handle proper psy. Psy trance might be all the rage now, but some of it can still be melodic.”

His album ‘Inside the Glacier’ is out now on Discover Records!

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