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Lords Of Trancefusion – Power Of Elements

We are just a few days away from one of the biggest trance festivals on earth – Trancefusion at Prague. We decided to feature 7 acts you just cannot give a miss, but with a twist. We present to you the Lords Of Trancefusion – Power of Elements.

Trancefusion will be held on April 19 at the Industrial Palace in Prague. Get your tickets here.


This man is a legend. Travelling all the way from USA to make this Trancefusion debut, Brian Transeau is the Aragon of the crew – gutsy warrior and a king. With his recent album ‘A Song Across Wires’ he has proved to the world that Trance music is the most beautiful genre in the world, with countless classics up his sleeve like “Flaming June”, “Godspeed”, “Mercury & Solace”… BT is the man to watch out at Trancefusion – Power Of Elements.

John O’Callaghan

The Wizard from the land of Ire(Ireland) John O’Callaghan or Gandalf of Trance music, is keeping the trance scene together with some really inspiring work at Subculture and gigs around the world. If anyone could be called as a true spokesperson of the genre today it is John O’Callaghan. Tech, Uplifting, Progressive – this man has made it all. It’s time to have a BIG SKY all over Trancefusion.

Ferry Corsten

The blue-eyed boy of the Lord Of The Rings Triology aka Legolas. Ferry Corsten brings a new range of Trance & Electro sounds to Trancefusion. Ferry has done it all, made one of most memorable trance numbers of our time and now he takes on the challenge of making some new age electro music but still sounds as good. As they say, let’s go Full On Ferry at Trancefusion.


This man is on a roll this year, he has made us love trance music all over again with his new Pure Trance movement. Everything we used to miss in trance – melodies, vocals, eyes closed and happy feeling, Rich has got it all back to the scene. Boromir would be so proud of him today. Yes ‘We Like it Pure’ at Trancefusion Rich!

Andrew Rayel

The modern-day Mozart or in this case Samwise Gamgee, he may be small in appearance but his music speaks otherwise. Andrew Rayel is truly enjoying a meteoric rise in popularity all over the world, with his new production with Armin van Buuren, “Eiforya” he has proved he can be as versatile as possible.

Aly & Fila

He is definitely the Frodo Baggins of Trance Music today, keeping the flag high with some quality trance music over and over again. Fadi you are really a star! Thank You for keeping the faith in uplifting melodies high and alive. Congratulations on a new baby boy! All the best for Trancefusion – Power Of Elements.

John Askew

The bad man of Trance, John is really on a new high with his new track shine and the bad-ass remix of Simon Patterson’sBrush Strokes”. He’s the man for some quality tech and driving trance, his set is gonna leave you gasping for health and a long water break. Just DO NOT miss his set at Trancefusion.

Sean Tyas

Sean Tyas is reeling with some new-found energy after announcing the two album deal with Black Hole Recordings. He’s been around for quite a while and we know he’s the true master of tech and banging trance. Sean your energy is seriously contagious and we cannot wait to see you smashing it out at Trancefusion in a few weeks.


He made his Czech Republic debut with us at ALT+Trance in Plzen a year ago and we are really happy that he will be playing at Trancefusion this year. He’s making a little zoo of his own with his tracks – “Hippodrop”, “Koalastrike” and “Teddybeat”… We are absolutely loving the zoo Steven its time for Trancefusion fans to have a great time there too.

Tell us which artists are you excited to see at Trancefusion?

Picture courtesy Apoorv Singh.


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