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Five Trance Podcasts for Working Out

Five Trance Podcasts for Working Out

I always need good music when I go for my workout. Having something good to listen to gives me that extra boost of energy whenever I start to feel sluggish or tired. Here are five trance radio shows/podcasts that serve as great workout music.

Mark Sherry – Outburst Radioshow

Ideal for high level exercise regimens.

I have been listening to Outburst the last two months during running days due to its high-octane beats. The tech-trance maestro sure knows how to keep the energy at a high with techy rhythms and faster BPMs. Once, I was running sluggishly but got that burst of energy after a fantastic drop from the podcast.

Every Wednesday on DI.FM
Download the podcast here.

John O’Callaghan – Subculture

Ideal for medium to high level exercise regimens.

Another podcast that gets me going is Subculture by JOC, more progressive but still got that oomph factor. Higher BPMs surrounded by melodic rhythms will get you into the mood of working out. Start listening to the podcast while stretching and go from there, you won’t regret it with it’s a trance and techno mix. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you suddenly start belting out some of the vocal tracks. Don’t forget to try the live sets.

Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month on Afterhours.FM
Download the podcast here.

Ori Uplift – Uplifting Only

Ideal for Yoga, Pilates or Stretching exercise.

Need some trance while doing yoga or Pilates or other stretching exercise? Uplifting Only is for you. Ori Uplift is the CEO of Abora Recordings and this radio show/podcast is filled with uplifting orchestral trance. Uplifting Only will calm your nerves and relaxes your muscles which is what you need when you want to do yoga and Pilates.

Every Wednesday Thursday on DI.FM (Starting next week, October 23)
Download the podcast here.

Indecent Noise – Mental Asylum Radio

Ideal for lifting or in-the-gym workout.

Techno, psy and trance all roll into one, what more can you ask for? Pumping beats will surely get your heart pumping while the breaks are ideal for those rest period in between sets.

Every First Sunday of the month on Afterhours.FM
Download the podcast here.

Simon Patterson – Open Up

Ideal for fast-paced workout.

Another one of the fast-paced, high energy podcast that would surely give you the much-needed energy boost. It gets your heart pumping with its higher BPM count and monster beats. Won’t be surprised if you started dancing while working out and listening to this podcast.

Every Thursday on Digitally Imported Radio
Download the podcast here.

Nifra – Be Progressed

I know I know, I only said five but I am making an exception here. Be Progressed is all about progressive trance and it will surely get you pump up for your workout.

Every 4th Thursday of the month on Afterhours.FM
Download the podcast here.

I don’t listen to trance music all the time, I like to change it up so here are some of my favorite electronic dance music podcasts that I listen to when I workout.

Nicole Moudaber – In The Mood
NERVO – Nervo Nation
Sander van Doorn – Identity

These are five six podcasts I listen to for my workouts. I am sure most of you have different ones you listen to. Let us know what music do you listen to by sharing on our Facebook Page or tweet us at @TranceHub and use the hashtag #THWorkoutMusic


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